After all the years of writing, recording and producing for other artists such as Barbra Streisand, NSYNC, Peter Wolf (J Geils Band) and so many others... Peter's back in the studio recording his own songs and taking to the stage performing in venues like The Bitter End and other NYC venues.  

Live Online > Tuesday, February 13th 7-8PM

I wrote EMOTION in 1984 and recorded the demo in my living room. It was a funky kind of R & B / Pop song.  The song found its way to producer Richard Perry   (Ringo, Carly Simon, the list goes on and on) and it became one of his favorites of the moment.  The story I was told he was dining in a restaurant and Barbara Streisand was there and came over to say hello. He had produced her Stoney End LP.  She said "Richard.. send me a song .. I'm recording.. let's make a record." He sent over five songs including mine .. she picked it.  Phew!   Here's my take much closer to her recording  HERE!"