Peter Bliss

Peter Bliss started early signing his first publishing / recording agreements the day after graduating high school.  His music schooling was steeped in the melody, harmony and alternate tuned acoustic guitar work of CSNY, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg and so many other singer songwriters. Laurel Canyon meets the New York boy. 

A few years of touring as a supporting guitar, keys and vocalist in the mid 70’s led to a solo artist career with a debut album on United Artists records being released in 1977.  Fast forward a few years and the artist career gave way to success as a songwriter / producer for artists as varied as Barbra Streisand, NYSNC, Peter Wolf of J.Geils Band, Bobby McFerrin, Southside Johnny, and many more.  He’s shared his expertise creating workshop and events for the Songwriters Hall of Fame and now the New York Songwriters Collective which he founded in 2011 to inspire and support the creative community.   

Peter Bliss … the singer/ songwriter … is once again writing, recording and performing his songs.  His happy place!